09 August 2011

God Intervenes in History

When God intervenes and alters the destiny of men and nations!
Will we, in the near future, see a divine intervention by Almighty God,
in behalf of the Confederate Cause?

In 178l General George Washington who had spent most of the Revolutionary War escaping British annihilation, finally managed to back British Lieutenant General Lord Cornwallis against the sea at Yorktown Virginia.  As the battle raged on Cornwallis became more anxious by the hour, inasmuch as the British Fleet was scheduled to arrive and transport him to New York, the city that had been for most of the war, occupied by the British.  However, the British did not arrive in Yorktown because of a storm at sea, but instead as the storm lifted, our allies at that time, the French, finally arrived on the scene with their fleet, to oppose the British.

On 14 October 1781 Colonial and French forces struck the last major British outer defenses, thus weakening the British to where surrender was their only option.  But how did the Colonist under George Washington, ever managed to corner and defeat the mightiest army on earth at that time?  After all the Colonial Army was made up mostly of farmers and a few tradesmen, while the British were career professionals, largely battle hardened by European wars.  Could it be that the storm at sea, which blocked the British Feet from rescuing Lord Cornwallis and his beleaguered army, was a happenchance or was it an intervention by Almighty God?.

George Washington's Crossing of The East River In New York
Is there any evidence that God has intervened in our history to preserve us for His purpose?  I believe there is; the date was now 27 August 1776, a little over a month after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The place is Brooklyn Heights, New York. The Continental Army is caught in a deadly trap with no way of escape!  The entire British Army lay to their front with the East River is to their back!  There is absolutely no place to go!  In reality, our forefathers had no chance of winning the war; it was a tactical and physically impossibility.  The Continental Army was out-manned, out-gunned, and out-general-ed with the exception of General George Washington and a few others..

The British Army was the finest and the most formidable force, and their navy pretty much ruled the oceans of the world!  Washington only had 16,000 men in the Continental Army at any one time; and these were ill trained and ill equipped.  The British had 21,000 highly trained, well-equipped and seasoned regulars, of the finest!  At the last hour the Governor, at the urging and pleading of Washington, hastily assembled 5,000 untrained, raw recruits from the State of Connecticut.  These troops only had one hour of training before they were sent into battle!  On 27 August 1776, in the middle of the afternoon, the Continental Army is trapped.
The end is near, with only one final assault by the British, and the battle for American Independence would be over; the struggle would be lost, and the Colonists would then remain British subjects.  Fifteen hundred men were already down, wounded, or dead; another 1,500 had been taken prisoners!  There were only 8,000 able and effective men available!  In the late afternoon of mid-August, there remain four to five hours of good sunlight left, plenty of time for the final assault; but for some reason, which no one has ever explained, the British never mounted the final charge.  They simply backed off, waited; and finally night fell as both armies posted sentries!
The final attack never came!  On the next day, the morning of the 28 August, it began to rain, and it was a hard driving rain driven by a strong northeast wind.  The British fleet lay two miles southwest a short way down the East River waiting for the wind to shift, so they could sail up the East River to completely encircle Washington's Army.  With these British Man-of-Wars Ships and their broad sides at our backs, and the British Army at their front, Washington would seemingly have no choice but to surrender.  However, that stiff northeast wind continued blowing hard against the British Fleet all day, as a result they could not move.
Washington hastily called a staff meeting late that afternoon, whereupon he said, "I have a plan; we are going to evacuate the army back over the same the way we have come." That meant crossing the East River at the tip of what is now Manhattan.  Washington's officers argued against him saying that "it is better that we attempt to stay in the trenches and take as many British Soldiers down with us as possible.”  But Washington’s response was, "no, my mind is made up, draw up the plans for the evacuation, and as soon as we are ready, we begin,” was the order Washington gave that day.  It took several hours to get ready!.

The evacuation began under the cover of that same storm, which was still blowing hard!  The last regiments, which had joined Washington's army only two days earlier, were men from the north shore of Massachusetts Bay, as well as Minute Men from Salem and Marblehead.  They had been raised, since they were small boys to handle small boats; and they knew very well how to place oars in the water and row without making any noise.  That particular ability was important at this time, because two hours into the evacuation, the storm stilled and the moon came out on a hot, absolutely still, and very quiet August night.
Sound travels easily over open water, and if British Marines on board the two war British Ships positioned only two miles down river, had heard the sound of their rowing, they would have immediately launched their long boats and captured the entire Colonial Army.  But the British never heard a sound coming from Colonial oars, which had even then continued there rowing all that night.  But the real miracle occurred just about dawn!  It is recorded in the diaries of both armies that Major Ben Tallmadge of the Continental Army, wrote in his diary these words: "As the eastern sky began to lighten from black to purple, with red streaks of orange.
Just as the light began to rise, every American eye was anxiously focused upon the eastern horizon."  Why was this?   It was because several thousand troops were still on the Brooklyn shoreline awaiting evacuation.  As soon as it became light enough for the British to see, these troops would be captured, and then just as the light of day began to shine, a dense fog set in over the entire area. "I recall this peculiar intervention of Divine Providence perfectly well," wrote Major Tallmadge, "the fog hung like a blanket upon the area of the British Lines, the American Lines, the Brooklyn Shore, and the corridor across the East River to the tip of Manhattan.

"We tarried until late morning continuing the evacuation under the cover of this dense fog!  The fog finally lifted at precisely the moment when the last boatload of American Soldiers left the Brooklyn shore.  The British Sentries then saw what was taking place and ran down to the shore, firing a few futile musket shots at the last boatloads.  These last few shots fell short because they were just out of range!"  So by some divine intervention by Almighty God, eight thousand soldiers that had remained of the Continental Army, managed to escape unscathed.  The British later wrote in their journals: "The hand of God is against us!"  The hand of God you ask, yes indeed, God intervenes in the affairs of man!
God save the Confederacy

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